Membership - Sundragon Pottery
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Join Sundragon Community Pottery

Members are the life blood of Sundragon. Their regular monthly membership payments, via online payments, are the reason we are able to continue serving the community.

All skill levels are welcome

Beginners and improvers are members who may have often been on courses at Sundragon or elsewhere; they are proficient in the basics and may wish to spend more time developing their skills and work. We welcome them to our many community pottery sessions as members.

Experienced members are acquainted with most of the many processes involved in pottery and are able to work on their own. We encourage them to assist the less experienced members. When deemed responsible and experienced by the committee they qualify for Open Access.

Fees and payment

Fees are dependent on income (see below chart). We prefer payment via our online payment provider – please fill in the form at the bottom of the page if you’re interested in joining us, and a member of the team will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Income < £14k per year

  • £30per month
  • Payable by online payment
  • Income £14k - £26k per year

  • £40per month
  • Payable by online payment
  • Income £26k - £38k per year

  • £50per month
  • Payable by online payment
  • Income £38k+ per year

  • £60per month
  • Payable by online payment

Open access

This is a unique and precious attribute of Sundragon Pottery for experienced and responsible members (who turn everything off, clean up, recycle clay and lock up) They are given the key code to the yard door and the keys to the pottery, and are registered with the club as such. The Pottery keys will be electronic in the near future and will cost £10 each. Open access means experienced members can come at any time of the day or night and are not excluded from working quietly during classes.

Paying guests

All Sundragon Community Pottery members may invite one or two paying guests, ideally to community sessions, to play with clay, with no obligation to join for a couple of months. The fees are £8 (unwaged) or £12 (waged) per session and scaled according to the ability to pay as are all memberships fees. After several weeks, a guest will be invited to join as a member costing £30, £40 or £50 per month depending on income, which we’ll hope you agree is very good value for money. This is a great way to get your friends excited about pottery!

Help the pottery

As a not-for-profit community enterprise, we aim to charge fair fees for both our membership and courses, and hope that you’ll find our rates affordable. However, we don’t want to exclude anyone from playing with clay because they can’t afford it, so please do talk to us if you aren’t in a position to pay but could potentially donate your time to help with maintenance of the pottery. We also welcome financial donations from higher earners who’d like to contribute beyond their monthly membership fees.

Community sessions

Beginners and improvers are welcome to join our regular community sessions. These take place several times every week in the daytime and evening, and usually last two or three hours. The sessions are led by one or two experienced potters from the Sundragon community; these volunteers will be there to work on their own projects, but are always happy to give advice and guidance. Our community sessions are ideal for members who have a little experience, but would like to do more than is possible in a two-hour course.

Community sessions usually take place at the following times each week, but please contact us before attending to confirm:

– Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening – 7pm-9pm
– Thursday morning – 10:30am-12:30pm


Want to join us?

Please fill in the form below and one of our team will get in touch ASAP!

Questions? Please visit our FAQs for answers