Please support one of our potters running London Marathon 2017 for Multiple Sclerosis Society - Sundragon Pottery
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Please support one of our potters running London Marathon 2017 for Multiple Sclerosis Society

from Steven’s Just Giving Page:

Why am I doing this, here are a few reasons:
Getting to the half way mark– 40 is getting ever closer so it’s a bit of a 40 bucket list thing, along with being on a TV game show, being an extra in a film, delivering a baby
animal etc.
Sounds like a good challenge-
at the beginning of 2016 I couldn’t run for 30 seconds but I stuck with it and am now over three stone lighter. I now run 3-4 times a week and love it. So it feels like a natural progression from 5k to 43k!
Supporting a cause close to me- in 2008 I was diagnosed with MS. Fortunately my episodes have never been really bad but when things have happened it has been scary.
If you don’t know anything about MS well it’s where your immune system attacks your nerves thinking they’re a foreign body, this leads to a breakdown in communication between your brain and parts of your body.
I have had two scary episodes, one where I lost feeling below my waist for a month, then the next one was loosing my peripheral vision in one eye. Thankfully I recovered from both of these and have not had anything happen for a few years. The thought is always there that at any point I could relapse and may not be so lucky with remittance.

With this in mind I want to complete this challenge whilst making a difference. So this is why I am running for the MS Society, I  have used their services in the past and will
need them in the future so whilst things are good it’s time to give something back.

Your donation will help motivate me to keep going through the next 5 months training on the dark 5 AM runs in the freezing cold and on the day of the Marathon when I inevitably ‘Hit the Wall.’


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