New Clay Prices October 2020 - Sundragon Pottery
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New Clay Prices October 2020

At Sundragon Community Pottery we have a variety of clays available to Friends and Members, to purchase by the bag.

With a “Friend of Sundragon” subscription, you can buy clay from us and make at home. You then bring your pots to the pottery for firing, and pay at the rate of “Own Clay”.  You pay 30p per 100g for your finished work when ready for it’s bisque firing.  This cost includes both firings, the bisque and the glaze.

We generally fire to Stoneware temperature 1260 degrees Celcius.  We have to approve the glazes you use.

For Sundragon Studio Members, these are the firing costs for clays, bag prices in brackets where available.

We are encouraging members to be responsible for their own clay and reclaiming, especially during Covid times.  To this end we have purchased lots of buckets, and encourage members to purchase clay by the bag, and then split the reclaim into two.  Slurry in one bucket (that can settle and the water be poured off).  Failed pots and trimmings in the other.  After three days members can choose to add their reclaim to the studio general reclaim, or reclaim thethemselves.

  • Own Clay, we must know what it is.  30p per 100g
  • Reclaim 40p per 100g
  • Studio Stoneware / Buff  / Oxidizing St Thomas: 50p per 100g  (£8 per 12.5Kg bag)
  • Super White Stone Ware  60p/100g  (£13.50 per 12.5Kg bag)
  • Vulcan Black: 90p per 100g
  • Crank: 55p per 100g  (£12 per 12.5Kg bag)
  • Opal, a high molochite, light colour firing clay, perfect for highlighting glazes 60p per 100g  (£13 per 12.5Kg bag)
  • Porcelain: £1.30 per 100g


These prices apply to items made from 1st October 2020. This also applies to items made during private tuition and classes.

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