Membership Rates At Sundragon Pottery Autumn 2020 - Sundragon Pottery
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Membership Rates At Sundragon Pottery Autumn 2020

Membership Rates at Sundragon Community Pottery


  • Friends of Sundragon – No Studio Access -£40 per month/£30 (unwaged)


  • Studio Access Membership – starts at £60 per month/£50 (unwaged)


Studio Access membership involves an induction, @£15, and for many, it will also involve a period of mentoring, with more experienced members, just until you get to know the studios.

Currently during Covid19, we have opened up our Moseley School of Art Studio, to members.   This studio is heated and ventilated, and limited to 5 members only per session, between the hours of 9am and 3pm, daily.

Our Old Print Works Studio, is limited to 4 members only per session.

Booking, for both venues, is done through Timify, once your membership has begun, you will be sent the booking link.


Recently, a business mentor told me that what I needed at the pottery is a “Silver, Gold and Platinum membership structure … where those who go platinum, get more access to time in the studio, and better glazes …”.

I replied, “No! Those who earn more, pay more, a bit like tax!”

“No one likes paying tax!”, he said, and “I don’t want to pay more, for the exact same product, than some one else!”

It takes me a while to think of the right response! Often days later!

“That’s ok, you can go do your pottery somewhere else!” I really do not mean it in a rude way, at all. It is ok. People can choose where they go. We are all different, and we each contribute to life’s rich tapestry.

It is in the spirit of our pricing strategy, ethos and mission, I ask, therefore, that for those of you that earn over £60,000 per year, please you divide your gross annual salary by 1000, and make that your monthly subscription to Sundragon Community Pottery!

(If you will struggle to make our minimum payments, please do get in touch about membership, still, as we believe money should never be a reason, to not do the things you love doing.)


As Sundragon Community Pottery grows, I hope to be able to reduce membership fees for those on lower incomes, by using the same formula, but at the moment, during Covid19, this is how we operate.

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